If you’re in the market to buy a car, a shirt, pant, or any necessities, obviously, you have to shop around, and based on your tolerance with time, patience, your flexibilities, choices, and surrounding environments to cater to your needs, you will find the “BEST BUY” based on those circumstances.  That’s when you make an agreement to move forward.

Think about if you’re at a grocery store and you see a WIDGET for $9.99, but then, you know deep down in the back of your head, you can buy that same WIDGET from another store, that’s on sale for $7.99 ($2 off), however, that store is located 10 miles away.   – Well, the “BEST BUY” would be that you’re better off purchasing the WIDGET for $9.99.  Why? – because, if you consider the cost of GAS, TIME, WARE & TARE on your VEHICLE, it’s much more than $2 savings, so there you go. – On the other hand, if you know that you are absolutely sure you will be going to that other store for other purchases, then, you might want to consider buying the WIDGET when you get there.

A “BEST BUY” is based on what you are willing to pay, at the time, place, given the circumstances, whatever you pay, would be considered the “BEST BUY”.