If you don’t care about time, then find the best price by shopping around

Shop around, check online, check offline, and once you determine what price you feel comfortable paying, you can secure the transaction. Yes, you may have to wait a little longer, but you’ll save those extra bucks. It’s up to you to decide what’s worth it and what’s not worth it, and sometimes, you may think being cheap is the best way to go, but in the long run, you don’t have unlimited time, and time is limited and time is the biggest asset you got, so use your time sparingly.



Convenience is a major factor in making a purchase. When you have a bird in hand is better than 2 in the bush, you can understand that paying a little extra to get it today is better than saving a few bucks to wait until 2 days from now. Because, you don’t know what is going to happen 2 days from now, but while you have access to acquire a product right then and there, you might as well capture and secure the transaction, because, it’s convenience, and why do people pay extra? For CONVENIENCE.


What makes a purchase a BEST BUY?

Well, if you shop around and you are able to differentiate a few factors such as, where you are, accessible-wise from the product you’re looking to buy, how long will it take to get it in your hands, how badly you want to acquire that product, and factor all those characteristics to determine with worthwhile of the purchase, whether it makes sense to pay an extra $5-10 because the product is in your hands rather than wait for 2 days and save $5-10. Sometimes, people don’t realize, paying for a product right then and there is worth buying it because it’s all about convenience.